Organic Pesticide

Biopesticides or Biochemical Pesticides are naturally occurring substances that control pests.

SPIC Neem Gold
100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 lit & 5 lit in all concentrations
SPIC Neem Gold

SPIC Neem Gold


SPIC NEEMGOLD is a new generation Organic/ botanical pesticide from neem for the safe protection of crops from various pests. NEEMGOLD is a botanical pesticide derived from neem by selective extraction process with the active ingredient Azadirachtin and other triterpenoids viz., Salannin, Nimbin etc. NEEMGOLD is a totally water soluble concentrate of Azadirachtin-A (available in 300, 1500, 3000, 10000 & 50000 ppm) stabilized with novel solvents/emulsifiers. This will readily disperse into fine microemulsion on spray for easy absorption in the plant system.





300 ppm

1,500 ppm

3,000 ppm

10,000 ppm

50,000 ppm

Azardirachtin a.i.(Min)

0.03% w/w

0.15% w/w

0.30% w/w

1.00% w/w

5.00% w/w


  • SPIC NEEMGOLD is  an eco-friendly insect and mite control agent
  • Easily Bio-degradable
  • Economically feasible due to its broad spectrum mode of action
  • Eco-friendly insect control agent and is safe for pollinators & natural predators
  • Compatible with other agrochemicals
  • Protects soil health
  • Leaves no harmful residues behind and does not pollute groundwater.


  • Foliar application: 3 – 5 ml/ lit.
Navigating the COVID-19 crisis: Our employees’ stories
Navigating the COVID-19 crisis: Our employees’ stories