About Greenstar Fertilizers

Greenstar Fertilizers Limited is a leading manufacturer and marketer of fertilizers in India. Greenstar manufactures phosphatic fertilizers from Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu. The company is also a brand launch platform for organic and inorganic fertilizers that stand up to its tough quality certification process. Greenstar also imports fertilizers for sale in India. A public company since July 2011, Greenstar has acquired the phosphatics manufacturing assets of SPIC, an enduring fertilizer brand in India, bringing it a significant strength in phosphatics.

About Us

In addition to fertilizers, Greenstar has on its portfolio other farm inputs such as Chemical Fertilizers, Water Soluble Fertilizers, Organic Manures, Micro Nutrients, Secondary Nutrients, Plant Growth Regulators and Industrial Chemicals. The objective is to offer a bouquet of dependable brands to Indian farmers to maximise the value of their yields. Greenstar is fortifying its R&D efforts in a bid to offer customised farm inputs to Indian farmers based on soil type and climate patterns in any given geography. This will be in line with the company’s commitment to be a value-for-money proposition to the Indian farmer. There are added environmental benefits to this approach since over-fertilization is avoided. With a nutrient-based subsidy regime in place in India, Greenstar expects to benefit from the nutrient specific customization, both to maximize its returns and enable near-exact fertilizer applications.

Besides, supply of fertilizers and other agro inputs, Greenstar provides value added services such as Farm Magazines (‘Pannai Cheithi’ – our in-house bi monthly agricultural magazine), Farmer Training programmes on new farm techniques, Dealers & Sub Dealers Meeting programmes, Soil and Water Testing services and reaches Farmers on their mobile phones on new and innovative agricultural practices through mass SMS schemes.
Navigating the COVID-19 crisis: Our employees’ stories
Navigating the COVID-19 crisis: Our employees’ stories